Kansas City Royals do not deserve any taxpayer money

What a shock – another billionaire MLB owner begging a city for millions of dollars for a stadium. This time, the culprit is Kansas City Royals owner John Sherman.

Sherman is hoping to have a new downtown ballpark for the Royals to play in at some point in the near future. That also means that he is hoping to have the citizens of Missouri pick up a large portion of the tab as he is hoping to get a sales tax extension for Jackson County. That 3/8 of a cent sales tax has been on the books since 2006 and is currently scheduled to end in 2031. If Sherman has his way, that tax will remain for the foreseeable future to fund his new ballpark.

Do Kansas City Royals even need a new ballpark?

In theory, the Royals could use a new ballpark to call home. Kauffman Stadium opened in 1973 and is the sixth oldest ballpark in the majors. Sherman has claimed several issues with the ballpark, including deterioration in the concrete and steel structure, problems with leakage in the pump house for the fountains, rust issues in the light towers, and a need to replace the tubs in the upper deck. However, independent reports say that the ballpark is in “satisfactory” condition.

It is also laughable for a billionaire to be begging for money to build a new stadium when everyone is struggling to make ends meet. Inflation and corporate greed have outstripped any pay raises. And now, we have another billionaire demanding money for a new ballpark. Only this time, that new stadium may not even be needed.

It may also have made a difference if the Royals were competitive. However, they have the second worst record in the majors, only ahead of an A’s team that just does not care. If the Royals really wanted the taxpayers to foot the bill for a new stadium, they could put a viable product on the diamond. But that is too much to ask for.

Kansas City Royals owner John Sherman is begging for money for a new stadium. He should not get a dime at this point.

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  1. It’s not necessary, just like the KCI overhaul was not necessary! Once again, some people in ivory towers have $$$ in their eyes and they’ll do their best to shove this new stadium down everyone else’s gazoo. Jo*n She*man can’t see the forest because he can’t wait to start cutting down the trees. The Royals are going to become the Disloyals and they are going to lose so much $$$ and it serves them right.

  2. Just REPAIR the stadium. No one wants to hassle with driving K.C. downtown streets. The owner will build what he wants then sell the team & they will move to a different town. We’ll be sitting there with no team and an empty albatross! I won’t hassle driving those downtown streets! They’ll find out when attendance drop drastically because of the location.

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