ESPN knew exactly what they were doing with Houston Astros graphic

The Houston Astros 2017 World Series title will always be considered to be tainted. AstroGate has led to questions about that title, leaving a significant percentage of baseball fans to feel that the Astros’ first championship is illegitimate.

That has led to a lot of trolling of the Astros and their fans since AstroGate broke. Trash barrels have become a symbol of the Astros cheating, with other fanbases using them to mock Houston. While it may not be a surprise that a trash barrel sighting happened during their game on Sunday, what is surprising is where that reference came from.

Houston Astros unexpectedly trolled by ESPN

That reference occurred during the ESPN starting lineup graphic. If one looks at the Astros logo above the batting order, it appears to be superimposed over a metal cylinder – something that looks a lot like a bucket. Or, possibly, a trash barrel.

There have been a lot of questions about ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball broadcast over the years. The announcers and production have gotten steadily worse. There is more of a focus on interviews and even other sports than there is on the game itself. It is fair to wonder if the announcers, or majority of the other people at ESPN, even know who majority of the players on the diamond are.

But ESPN certainly knows trash barrels. Considering the garbage they broadcast, that should not be a surprise. Even with their general focus on the NBA and NFL, they are still aware of AstroGate and everything surrounding the scandal. Not even ESPN can plead ignorance when it comes to that graphic for the Astros lineup.

The Houston Astros have been trolled with trash cans a lot over the past few years. Who would have thought ESPN would pile on with their lineup graphic?

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  1. Watched the gate even though I had not watched ESPN in years. After listening to the lame play by play and it was like a bad soundtrack. I shut the sound off and turned on the radio.

  2. As a fan of the Houston Astros-NUTS to everyone who is not.
    Go Astros-best team the last 6 years-they expect to win every
    game and continue to outwork others -They have each other
    back- go ASTROS

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