MLB trying to ignore Oakland A’s problems

It is apparent to every baseball fan that the Oakland A’s problems stem from their ownership. Just do not expect that message to reach MLB commissioner Rob Manfred.

Instead, the league is actively attempting to make it seem as though everything is perfect, even in the face of possible relocation. That became obvious when MLB cropped their highlight of Ryan Noda’s home run so that the “sell the team” signs were removed.

MLB accidentally gives more attention to Oakland A’s problems

This attempt to censer A’s fans is almost Orwellian. To paraphrase Orwell, MLB is telling us to to reject the evidence of our eyes and ears. It is an essential command as they want to pretend that nothing is wrong and that the A’s simply do not have any support in Oakland. Those reports of slashed payroll, removed perks, and increases to ticket prices? There is nothing at all to see there.

It all makes sense. MLB is trying to push the A’s to Las Vegas, hoping to milk that cash cow. The A’s have already purchased a plot of land for a new ballpark, although it is fair to wonder if that stadium will be coming. After all, absolutely nothing has been voted on in Las Vegas regarding a new home for the A’s.

All of these missteps are highlighting the real problem. MLB may want to pretend that John Fisher is a suitable owner for the team, but that is far from true. Their actions, and their attempts to block those ‘sell the team’ signs, are showing the real problem. It is Fisher and the league’s refusal to do anything. A’s fans can thank MLB’s mismanagement for putting a spotlight on the real problem.

Major League Baseball is trying to ignore the real issue with the Oakland A’s. In doing so, they put a spotlight right on John Fisher.

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