Cleveland Guardians pitching pipeline still pumping out arms

The Cleveland Guardians pitching pipeline is still in full force.

The Guardians have used their ability to develop pitchers to great effect over the years. Their ability to turn relatively unheralded prospects into impressive major leaguers allowed them to continue replenishing their system, trading more expensive veterans to save money. It is a model that worked for years, although there were questions about whether or not that would continue going forward.

Cleveland Guardians finding pitching magic once more

Those young arms are already making an impact. Peyton Battenfield has impressed in his two starts in Cleveland thus far. The latest pitching prospect named Logan Allen was excellent in his debut. Tanner Bibee, the Guardians fifth ranked prospect, could be next, especially with Cleveland looking for a fifth starter.

That was the Guardians key to their success for years. Homegrown arms, or young pitchers acquired in trades, would lead the team to the postseason. The likes of Corey Kluber, Mike Clevinger, and Trevor Bauer set the stage for Shane Bieber and Aaron Civale now. While the lineup is certainly better than it has been, the Guardians’ will go as far as their pitching staff takes them.

For the Guardians, the question is whether or not their young arms are ready. Battenfield had performed well in the minors but was not a well regarded prospect (Fangraphs rated him 40th in Cleveland’s system). Allen and Bibee have more hype but have not found their way on many top 100 lists. But that has never mattered before; the Guardians have found arms no mater how highly they were regarded at the time.

The Cleveland Guardians pitching pipeline has been key to their success. The well is not going to be running dry any time soon.

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