Finding the Boston Red Sox future at first base

The Boston Red Sox have had several players vying to be their first baseman of the future.

First, there was Bobby Dalbec. He was forced off of third due to Rafael Devers, but seemed to have the bat to move to first base. Instead, the formerly well regarded prospect faded after a strong 2021 campaign and is now serving as a utility option. Tristan Casas came next, another top prospect who intrigued with his power potential. The question now is whether or not he will hit enough at the major league level as Casas has a .167 batting average over 171 major league plate appearances heading into Monday. It is a small sample size, but the lack of results are still concerning.

The next First Baseman of the Future for the Boston Red Sox

If Casas continues to be a Three True Outcomes hitter with a subpar OPS+, the Red Sox may be forced to look for another first baseman of the future. In that case, Blaze Jordan may be up next.

Jordan had already put himself on the radar as a pre-teen, winning a home run derby at 11 years old. When he was 13, he belted a pair of 500 foot homers. He then won the High School Home Run Derby during the 2019 All Star Game. His power potential has never been in question.

That power could make him the next future hope at the position. He makes plenty of hard contact and has displayed an advanced approach at the plate, drawing raves for his exit velocities and pitch recognition. While he has hit more ground balls than one would like for a power hitting prospect, Jordan has an impressive work ethic. It is a matter of getting the ball into the air more at higher levels.

At this point, Jordan is going to need off the hot corner. Devers is entrenched at third and will not be going anywhere. Jordan has seen more action at first, and if Casas cannot get his bat on track, there could be an opening. The first baseman of the future may not be settled just yet.

The Boston Red Sox are still looking for their first baseman of the future. Blaze Jordan could be their long term answer at the position.

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  1. Even as a frequent listener to Boston sports radio, I hadn’t heard of Jordan yet. I think Casas has a long leash this year, especially given his walk rates even when he’s not hitting.

  2. Sox have options with Turner playing first to give Casas some time to regroup. Sox won’t give up Casas to easily its far too early. He shows plate discipline. Cora will give the kid a chance.

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