Genevieve Beacom putting herself on MLB radar

There has yet to be a female player in affiliated ball. Genevieve Beacom could change that.

Beacom has already made history on the diamond. She became the first female to appear in the Australian Baseball League, making her debut as a 17 year old on January 8, 2022. She proved to be far more than a novelty as she fired a scoreless inning in that outing.

Genevieve Beacom could make even more history

She is continuing to push boundaries. Not only is she hoping to play collegiate ball in the United States where she can continue to hone her craft, but she has continued to add velocity. Beacom’s fastball was clocked at 85.9 MPH during a recent session in Australia.

Beacom is more than just that mid 80s fastball. She also has a solid curve that she mixes in to keep hitters off balance. Her being left handed is another bonus as she could prove to be a weapon against difficult lefty hitters. Her manager in Australia is former major league pitcher Pete Moylan, giving Beacom another edge in her development. Every little bit helps as she draws more attention.

She still has a long way to go before the majors would even be a possibility. Teams would likely want to see her add a few more ticks of velocity to her fastball. She would need to improve her command as well as evidenced by that clip. But there is potential and her already solid velocity will get attention. Maybe, just maybe, Beacom will be the trailblazer that we have been waiting for as the first female in affiliated ball. It is not as far-fetched as one would think.

At some point, a female will play in affiliated ball. Considering her velocity, Genevieve Beacom could be that trailblazer we have been waiting for.

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