Time for Arizona Diamondbacks to walk away from Madison Bumgarner

Another day, another disastrous outing for Madison Bumgarner with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

This time, Bumgarner was torched by the St. Louis Cardinals. He allowed seven runs on seven hits and four walks, striking out two over his seven innings. His outing was most notable for giving up a three run blast to Light Hitting Tommy Edman and shouting at Willson Contreras after a foul ball. When those are the “highlights” of the outing, it speaks volumes.

Madison Bumgarner has nothing left to give Arizona Diamondbacks

At 33 years old, Bumgarner should have several more serviceable years left. Instead, he has a 10.26 ERA and a 2.400 ERA in his 16.2 innings this season, striking out ten batters with 15 walks. His best season since putting on a Diamondbacks’ uniform came in 2021, when he posted a 4.67 ERA and fired one of the “no-hitters that weren’t” due to the idiotic seven inning double header rule. Even then, Bumgarner was below average.

Now the end may be coming. Manager Torey Luvollo did not commit to Bumgarner making his next start, saying that “[w]e gotta talk it over.” As the Diamondbacks are off to a solid start to begin the season, holding their own in a difficult NL West, they cannot afford to give games away. Bumgarner is doing exactly that.

Maybe he can turn things around. Maybe a stint in the bullpen, pitching in lower leverage situations, will help get him turned around. But it has also been four years since Bumgarner was an above average major league option. The Diamondbacks paid for an ace; instead, they have a washed up back of the rotation arm.

To make matters worse, Bumgarner is blocking another talented young arm. Brandon Pfaadt is ready for the majors, but has not gotten a chance yet. Bumgarner may be a well respected veteran, someone who was a key part in a trio of World Series titles, but he is not that pitcher any longer. It is time to cut bait.

Madison Bumgarner was expected to be a top of the rotation arm for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Instead, he is completely washed up. It’s time to walk away.

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