Oakland A’s ownership gives final middle finger to fanbase

The Oakland A’s have finally made the decision that everyone expected.

According to Mick Akers of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the A’s have come to an agreement to purchase 49 acres just west of the Las Vegas strip. There is an option for the A’s to purchase an additional eight acres as well. In a related note, Sarah Ravani of the San Francisco Chronicle reported that the A’s have ended all negotiations with the City of Oakland.

Oakland A’s fans deserved far better than John Fisher

It has been clear that the A’s, and Major League Baseball, were never serious about staying in Oakland. Rob Manfred stated that the league would waive any relocation fees for the A’s to move to Las Vegas. Ownership wanted Oakland to commit to the Howard Terminal Project, but refused to commit to the area themselves. Their “Rooted in Oakland” campaign sounded nice on paper but was never going to happen.

That became even more apparent during the 2021-22 offseason. Ownership went out of their way to destroy fan support, getting rid of popular promotions while doubling ticket prices. At the same time, ownership slashed payroll to a point of absurdity. Star players such as Matt Olson, Matt Chapman, Chris Bassitt, and Sean Murphy, amongst others, were sent away for virtually nothing in return. And yet, ownership had the audacity to complain that the fans were not heading to the stadium.

The Coliseum does not help either. Ownership refused to do any maintenance, leading to ongoing plumbing issues and broken seats. Stray cats and possums have overrun that stadium; the visitor’s broadcasting booth is unusable because of possum droppings. But it is all part of the design – ownership will keep fans away if the stadium is falling apart.

What is lost is that the A’s have a loyal fanbase. They have rabidly supported the team no matter what. John Fisher destroyed that love in the quest to pad his bank account. The A’s, and their fans, deserved so much batter.

The Oakland A’s have come to an agreement to purchase land in Las Vegas. It is a final middle finger to a fanbase that deserved better.

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