Josh Donaldson being delayed good news for New York Yankees

The New York Yankees get to kick the Josh Donaldson can down the road a little bit further.

Donaldson had been expected to return to the Yankees later this week. Instead, he felt discomfort in his hamstring during a rehab appearance for the Somerset Patriots, leading to an MRI. Bryan Hoch from reported that Donaldson is going to be shut down for an undetermined amount of time due to this setback.

New York Yankees will give Josh Donaldson all the time he needs

Donaldson was supposed to be an important part of the Yankees’ lineup, another powerful bat for the middle of their lineup. That has not been the case as he has posted a mediocre .219/.304/.372 batting line with 16 homers and 28 doubles in his 563 plate appearances in New York. Add in questions about his attitude and fit in the locker room, and he has been a disaster.

There was some hope that Donaldson would turn things around this year. He had a year to get used to being a part of the Yankees and the pressure cooker that is New York. A slow start, with just two hits in 17 plate appearances, put those hopes to rest. His injury further ended those chances, at least for now.

It is possible that Donaldson can be a factor for the Yankees. Maybe his hamstring issues contributed to his slow start this season. Maybe, if he takes the time he needs, he can become a productive member of the lineup once more. In reality, it is more likely that he has nothing left at 37 years old and has quickly faded. The Yankees will certainly give him plenty of time to not be on the major league roster. In this case, it is a matter of addition by subtraction.

Josh Donaldson had a setback with this hamstring injury. The New York Yankees can push any decisions about his future further down the road.

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