Andrew Toles not a feel good story for Los Angeles Dodgers

Andrew Toles may never play another game for the Los Angeles Dodgers. But that does not mean that they will not take care of him.

He has not suited up for the Dodgers since 2018, missing spring training in 2019 for what he called a “personal issue.” Since then, he had been homeless, sleeping behind a FedEx building at an airport. Toles was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, helping to explain some of his issues. The Dodgers have continued to sign him to contracts since; although he is not being paid, he is now covered by their medical insurance, giving him access to the mental health services he needs. That has continued for 2023 as well.

Former Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Andrew Toles example of horrendous health industry

It is easy to consider this a feel good story. The Dodgers are making certain that Toles is taken care of even if his major league career is likely over. However, if he is able to get his mental health issues under control, he can still be an asset to the organization. The Dodgers, and Major League Baseball in general, could use someone who had to battle through those issues to help the younger players in the game. Toles could still be an investment for the future.

But this is not a feel good story at all. It is instead a story of how Toles is fortunate that the Dodgers give a damn and are helping him get his life back on track. For most Americans, the opposite is true. They would either fall through the cracks and be ignored or end up in and out of prison. Toles was fortunate enough to avoid either of those fates.

Maybe his struggles can help in another way. Not only could Toles help the Dodgers’ organization, but he could shine a bright light on the lack of medical care in general in the US. While he was fortunate to continue to receive help, most other people do not have those resources. This is yet another dystopian example masquerading as a feel good tale.

Andrew Toles is still getting help from the Los Angeles Dodgers. Health “care” in the United States makes that necessary.

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