AL East proving to be Beast of MLB

The AL East was expected to be one of the more difficult divisions in the majors this season. It has not disappointed over the first two weeks of the season.

As the league enters action on Monday, only one division has every team at .500 or better. That would be the AL East, where the Red Sox have used a three game winning streak to get to 8-8 on the season. In fact, that is the only division where every team is at least .500 or better on the year thus far.

AL East could be Division of Death in MLB

The Rays certainly drew a great deal of attention to the division. Their impressive 13 game winning streak to start the season drew a great deal of attention and spawned questions as to how good the Rays were. In the end, their winning streak was snapped at the hands of the Blue Jays, who are tied for second in the division at 10-6. The Yankees are knotted up with the Blue Jays despite missing several key pieces of their rotation and still having question marks in their lineup.

Even the bottom of the division could be solid. The Orioles were the biggest surprise in the majors last season. If their younger players take another step forward, they could contend for a playoff berth. The Red Sox do have plenty of talent; it is just a matter of staying healthy. If that can happen, they could make noise as well.

It is possible that each team in the AL East could finish at .500 or better. It has happened twice before in MLB history – the 2005 NL East and the 1991 AL West. The truly impressive part of the 1991 occurrence was that there were seven teams in the division. If the East continues to be this much of a grind, history could be made once again.

The AL East has lived up to expectations thus far in 2023. If that continues, the division could be in for a historic season.

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