Chase Dollander – the next big time MLB pitching prospect

Any prospect who is compared to Jacob deGrom, Gerrit Cole, and Stephen Strasburg is going to attract plenty of attention. Such is the case with Tennessee righty Chase Dollander.

Dollander had begun to generate attention during his time at Georgia Southern when he handled the Tennessee Volunteers with relative ease early in the season. He would then head to Tennessee through the transfer portal the following year, sending his already rocketing stock sky high.

Chase Dollander has chance to be MLB Draft rarity

His stuff took another step forward at Tennessee. Dollander had already added several miles per hour to his fastball at Georgia Southern once he got into the weight room, but those advances did not stop there. He transformed his body, adding muscle as he turned himself into a workhorse. He became a staff ace on an already dominant program, establishing himself as one of the best young arms in the nation.

His arsenal certainly backs up those lofty comparisons. Dollander has a plus fastball that sits in the mid to uppers 90s with plenty of carry. The fastball has topped out at 99 MPH currently, but it would not be a surprise if he added another tick or two and hit triple digits. His mid 80s slider has solid two plane movement and is also a plus offering. Dollander also throws a changeup and a curve occasionally, with the change showing potential to be a viable third offering. He commands his arsenal well, making those already impressive offerings play up even more.

That arsenal, and his potential to ascend through a farm system quickly, puts him in a surprising spot as the draft gets closer. Dollander is the rare pitcher who is considered a viable option to be taken with the first overall selection in the MLB Draft. Considering the impressive comparisons he has generated, it would not be a surprise if he was taken with the first pick.

Chase Dollander has been on the MLB Draft radar for some time. He could become the next great pitching prospect in the game.

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