Jazz Chisholm reminds Miami Marlins fans to relax

The Miami Marlins are scuffling along at 3-5 and have been outscored by 21 runs heading into Saturday. Jazz Chisholm has just five hits in 28 plate appearances, striking out 11 times. It is enough to make Marlins’ fans want to panic.

Hold that thought. Chisholm took to Twitter to remind everyone that it is still extremely early in the season and not to panic. As he said in a follow-up tweet, at least wait until game 30.

No reason to panic about Miami Marlins star Jazz Chisholm – yet

Yes, it is very early in the season. The Marlins are actually ahead of the Phillies in the standings and no one is panicking yet about the defending National League champions. Or maybe Chisholm is referring to his own performance – he did respond to a commentor complaining about his 3-1 bunt attempt with two outs by saying that he’s not an “actual cleanup hitter.” Considering he further mentioned starting off 2022 the same way, referring to his performance is likely.

The world has changed over the years. There is an expectation of immediate results in every moment. That includes sports, where patience with players off to a slow start is minimal at best. And that is especially the case at the beginning of the year, where every slump and slow start is magnified due to a lack of stats. The grumbling of his fantasy league owners (I’m one of them) can be heard very distinctly.

But guess what? Chisholm is going to snap out of it. He is far too talented of a player to continue to struggle all season. He had been considered a potential 30 homer/30 steal player heading into the 2023 campaign and has the ability to reach those numbers. Chisholm’s health is really the only question mark.

It is still early in the 2023 season. There is no reason to worry about Jazz Chisholm or the Miami Marlins – at least not yet.

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