Pittsburgh Pirates ownership nickel and dimes PNC Park ushers

The Pittsburgh Pirates are known for their refusal to spend money. Their latest move is a new low, even for them.

The ushers union at PNC Park are looking to get raises in their next contract with the Pirates. The team literally decided to nickel and dime them, offering a five cent per hour raise for 2024 and a ten cent per hour raise in 2025. As it is, the ushers only make $9.35 an hour and have gone four years without a contract.

Pittsburgh Pirates ownership continues to be a joke

Essentially, the Pirates think that the ushers deserve another two dollars a week next year, with that raise doubling to four bucks a week the following year. Hey, they doubled the raise! They’re being quite generous! Of course, Bob Nutting probably thinks that a bottle of Coke still costs a nickel and that raise will cover a pound of potatoes and a head of cabbage. He also probably asked for five bees for a quarter and had an onion tied to his belt as that was the style of the time.

It is certainly possible that Nutting thinks it is still the 1920s. Warren G. Harding is president, the economy is taking off, and the Great War has just concluded. He may well be yelling at his front office, demanding they talk Honus Wagner and Fred Clarke out of retirement. Based on his attempts to pay his team like they have a budget from 100 years ago, no one would be surprised.

No one should be surprised if there were fewer ushers around PNC Park either. If the Pirates value them so little, they may as well walk out. Negotiations have gotten nowhere and the current offer from the Pirates is dead on arrival. And with that latest offer, it is clear that the Pirates do not care about the ushers at all. It’s time to walk away.

The Pittsburgh Pirates made an insulting offer to their ushers. Now it is time for them to walk away until a better deal comes forth.

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