Oakland A’s ownership shooting self in foot at ticket booth

The Oakland A’s attendance has been a punchline since the beginning of the 2022 season. You do not need to look further than the owner’s box to find out why.

Those pathetic numbers at the gate continued on Tuesday. The A’s had just 3407 fans in attendance as they faced off against the Guardians. As JJ Cooper from Baseball America pointed out, 11 of the 13 Triple-A games drew more fans than the A’s did.

Oakland A’s pathetic attendance numbers by ownership design

It is easy to point at those numbers and claim that the area is refusing to support the organization. With so few fans, and a lack of interest in the team, those persistent relocation rumours make sense. Major League Baseball is certainly pushing that narrative as they are reportedly willing to waive any fees for such a move.

But the fans are not to blame. Ownership gutted the roster to save as much money as possible and add it to their bank accounts. Despite their putrid attendance last season, and a horrendous 62-100 record, the A’s were the fifth most profitable team in the league. Add in the revenue sharing money they received, and there was no reason for those moves. Unless ownership wanted a convenient scapegoat for any possible move to Las Vegas…

A’s fans deserve better. They deserve owners that care. They deserve a team that will contend year in and year out. A’s fans also deserve a new ballpark and not having to dodge random animals while watching a game. What they do not deserve is the blame being assigned via the media. A’s ownership made this mess; it is entirely on them. And so are those attendance numbers.

The Oakland A’s had a lower attendance than 11 out of 13 Triple-A games on Tuesday. Point the blame directly at owner John Fisher.

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