George Santos: “New York Mets fan”

It would take a lot for a team to want to denounce a fan. The New York Mets may be in that situation.

George Santos, a Congressman from New York, posted a message on Twitter wishing fans a happy Opening Day and proclaiming his Mets’ fandom. However, as with everything else from Santos, this has to be taken with a grain of salt.

The odds that George Santos is actually a New York Mets fan

The most impressive part of that video may be how Santos turned ‘Mets’ into a two syllable word. It certainly overshadows anything he has done in Congress to this point. Of course, that is not nearly as impressive as the fact that he invented baseball, hit the grounder that went through Bill Buckner’s legs, or taught Ty Cobb how to hit. But everyone has an offday, even someone with such an extensive resume.

If Santos is known for anything, it is the fact that he has lied about everything. What is fact and what is fiction with him are a very blurred line. It is fair to wonder if “George Santos” is even his real name. He has lied about virtually everything else, so why should we trust the name he goes by?

That pattern of falsehoods brings his fandom into question as well. His congressional district includes Queens, home of the Mets. This is more than likely a calculated attempt to curry favour with his constituents. In all reality, he is probably a Yankees fan. Or just hates baseball in general despite inventing the game back in 1793.

George Santos is claiming to be a New York Mets fan. As with anything he says, no one should actually believe this.

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