Keeping Anthony Volpe shows New York Yankees serious about winning

It would have been easy for the New York Yankees to send Anthony Volpe to the minors. He has just 99 plate appearances at Triple-A and they could have easily said that he needed more time. His impressive spring – where he posted a .314/.417/.647 batting line with three homers and six doubles in his 60 plate appearances while stealing five bases – showed that he was ready. But it would be easy to write those numbers off as a product of the spring.

Instead, the Yankees are making the move they had to. As Brendan Kuty of The Athletic reported on Sunday, Volpe will be part of the Yankees’ Opening Day roster.

The time is now for New York Yankees, Anthony Volpe

Volpe certainly adds an element of upside to the roster that had been lacking. A consensus top 25 prospect, he posted a .249/.342/.460 batting line with 21 homers and 35 doubles over his 596 plate appearances between Double-A and Triple-A while stealing 50 bases. That blend of power and speed is something that has been desperately lacking with the Yankees’ lineup.

There are questions as to his future fit. Oswald Pereza may not have the same upside with the bat, but he is a much better defensive option. Volpe could find himself as the Yankees’ long term answer at second in 2024. That move could even happen as soon as this season if Gleyber Torres is injured or begins to struggle. His arm strength is a bit below average for a shortstop, but would play well at the keystone.

The Yankees could get another benefit to adding Volpe to the lineup. Should he finish in the top three of the AL Rookie of the Year vote, they will receive an additional draft pick. The Yankees certainly hope that will be the case as Volpe would have had the type of season they were hoping for.

The New York Yankees have made Anthony Volpe their Opening Day shortstop. It is the right move for a team looking to win now.

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  1. It sounds like Stott’s situation in Philly, who is seemingly moving to second permanently this season. It’ll be interesting to see who ends up performing better.

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