Tommy John surgery could help Nazier Mule fulfill two way potential for Chicago Cubs

Nazier Mule is one of the more intriguing prospects in the Chicago Cubs system. Unfortunately, they will need to wait longer to get a real look at him.

Mule is slated to undergo Tommy John surgery, likely keeping the 2022 fourth round draft choice off the diamond until some time in the 2024 season. He had been undergoing rehab for those elbow woes but a setback led to his going under the knife.

Nazier Mule could focus on hitting for Chicago Cubs

Currently listed as the Cubs 27th best prospect by, Mule was an intriguing two way player in high school. Not only was he able to hit triple digits with his fastball, but he also had the athleticism to handle short with plenty of raw power in his bat. The Cubs had planned on having Mule focus on his pitching, something that was understandable given his fastball, potentially plus slider, and developing changeup.

But those plans are on hold until the middle of the 2024 season. Mule will have a long road of rest and rehab ahead of him before he takes the mound. However, this could also be an opportunity for the Cubs to see what he can do with the bat. After all, Shohei Ohtani served as a designated hitter during his recovery. Mule could do the same as he makes his professional debut next year.

The Cubs have their plans for Mule. They want to bring him along as a pitcher as he has the potential to be a solid middle of the rotation arm. Those plans also could adjust as the Cubs said they will be open minded about his role. Since he will be able to swing a bat before he can take the mound next year, they may as well see what they have from that standpoint.

Nazier Mule could be a two way prospect for the Chicago Cubs. His Tommy John surgery could actually make that happen.

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