New York Mets showing MLB how to handle their players

The New York Mets said that they would do whatever it took to take care of Edwin Diaz. They are certainly holding true to their word.

Diaz had infamously torn his patellar tendon celebrating Puerto Rico’s victory over the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic on Wednesday. He had surgery on Thursday and is now beginning the recovery process.

New York Mets making sure Edwin Diaz has everything he needs

Enter Steve Cohen. He had told Diaz that the Mets would do everything possible to ensure that he returns to form and take care of him. Cohen is doing exactly that as Diaz already has a trainer, nutritionist, and personal chef at his home with the Mets’ owner picking up the bill.

This is what every owner should be doing. The Mets are always going to be a player in free agency as long as Cohen owns the team considering he will outspend everyone. Adding payroll and spending to get the top players available will not be an issue.

But Cohen also wanted to do more than spend money. He was aware that the Mets had a culture problem when he took over. Cohen has gone out of hos way to change that perception and turn the Mets into a model franchise as much as he possibly can. While there is still a degree of LOLMets to the franchise, he has made it clear that he cares about the players and fans as much as he wants to win. Doing things such as sending those people to Diaz shows how much Cohen cares. These are not the same Mets.

The New York Mets are working to become a model franchise. Sending that group of players to take care of Edwin Diaz is the latest sign.

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