Texas Rangers finally get to see Jacob deGrom in action

Opening Day is just under two weeks away. And yet, Jacob deGrom has yet to take the mound for the Texas Rangers.

That is set to change soon. As Kennedi Landry from MLB.com reported on Friday, deGrom will make his Cactus League debut on Sunday as he prepares for the start of the regular season.

Jacob deGrom has time to be ready for Texas Rangers on Opening Day

deGrom is not going to have much time to ramp up. As it is, he is expected to be on a pitch count in the early going and is expected to be limited to 75 to 80 pitches to start the season. It may take another couple of weeks into the season before he is fully ready to go.

It is understandable why the Rangers would be cautious with deGrom. His side issues are just the latest in a litany of injuries that have held him to 224.1 innings over the past three seasons. Despite those injuries, he is still one of the best pitchers in the game when he is on the mound, posting a 2.05 ERA and a 0.731 WHiP with 352 strikeouts and 35 walks. It is easy to see why the Rangers handed him a five year deal worth $185 million.

The Rangers have lofty goals this season. They are looking to end their postseason drought and return to respectability. deGrom was the centerpiece to their offseason, the ace they needed in their revamped rotation. But they have to keep him healthy and on the mound. Being cautious at the start of the season will help make those goals a reality.

The Texas Rangers will finally get to see Jacob deGrom on the mound. Now they have just under two weeks to get him ready for Opening Day.

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