College umpire Reggie Drummer channels inner Angel Hernandez

There may be an actual challenger to Angel Hernandez’s title as the worst umpire in baseball.

We have to head to the game between Mississippi Valley State and New Orleans University. The Privateers held a 7-3 lead with two outs in the top of the ninth on Friday, and that is where the drama began.

Angel Hernandez would be proud of college baseball ump show

The issue began with a 1-1 pitch to Mississippi Valley State left fielder Davon Mims. The pitch was called a strike, something Mims demonstratively disagreed with as he jumped up and down while voicing his displeasure. While the pitch may have been a bit low, it was not that bad of a call. However, home plate umpire Reggie Drummer had issues with those antics. As such, he called the next pitch a strike despite the fact that it was in the left handed batter’s box and was never close to the zone.

Drummer walked off the field, ignoring Mims as it was quite clear that call was in retaliation for the antics after the previous pitch. The intent was clear to the Southland Conference as well as they announced on Saturday that Drummer has been suspended indefinitely for his actions. However, that does not change the outcome of the game.

There are far too many umpires that feel they are above the game. For some reason, they feel as though the fans are there to see them as they go out of their way to inject themselves into the action. Drummer may have been egregious, but he is not that far removed from the likes of Hernandez and the recently retired Joe West. Considering how long umpires of that ilk have been a stain on the majors, maybe Drummer can find his way into affiliated ball.

It is never a good sign when an umpire makes Angel Hernandez look competent. Reggie Drummer lowered the bar for everyone.

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