Racists hack into Negro Leagues presentation

One of the worst trends in the world is the amount of comfort racists have in expressing their views. Their quest to drag the planet back to the early 1800s has led to constant disruptions of everything outside of their pathetic worldview. A presentation on the Negro Leagues recently became a target as well.

On February 21, Phil Dixon had a Zoom presentation on the history of black baseball and the Negro Leagues, discussing Daniel “Thumper” Jackson. That was all some racist hackers needed as they interrupted the presentation, with racial slurs and profanity coming over the microphone and a naked white man defecating on the screen.

Racists unintentionally make point about Negro Leagues presentation

Fortunately, that interruption did not last long. Dixon was able to get his presentation back under control within a couple of minutes and continue. His work to highlight what those players went through became even more important as the incident showed nothing has changed.

Instead, those racist buffoons accidentally proved the point of the presentation. Dixon was able to use that interruption to highlight his talking points, showing that we have not come that far from those days. That was completely accident on the part of the hackers; if they were capable of common sense and forethought, they would not be racist assholes.

In fact, it appears as though we are sliding backwards to that time with each passing week. A vocal section of the population wants to whitewash history in every way. If they are unable to force their views upon everyone, they are going to try to shout any opposing views down and intimidate others into silence. That did not work here.

Racists decided to hack into a presentation on the Negro Leagues back in February. In doing so, they accidentally underscored the point of the presentation.

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