Oakland A’s showing hand with Las Vegas trip

This should be the time when teams are focused on getting ready for the upcoming season. That is not the case with the Oakland A’s.

Instead of attempting to put together a somewhat competent team on the diamond, A’s ownership has their sights set elsewhere. That place is Las Vegas, where the front office spent the weekend.

Oakland A’s determined to make Las Vegas happen

Ownership will make the typical excuses. They will point to their laughable attendance and the fact that the Oakland Coliseum is in worse shape that then one in Rome. They will cry poverty and claim that they cannot survive where they are. Ownership will point to the uncertainty of the Howard Terminal Project to justify these trips and their flirtation with Las Vegas as they look to cover all bases.

Those problems with attendance all come back to ownership. They are the ones that doubled ticket prices while getting rid of popular programs and incentives while slashing payroll to a laughable amount. It should not be a surprise that the fans have been staying home instead of giving John Fisher any of their money. But he will use that as an excuse to rip the team out of Oakland and look to cash in elsewhere. Rooted in Oakland indeed!

It is possible that the A’s stay in Oakland. Maybe Fisher can be convinced to sell the team to someone that actually gives a damn about the history of the organization and the fanbase. Maybe Joe Lacob can wave enough dollar signs in front of Fisher to get a deal done. Those odds are getting longer with each passing day.

The Oakland A’s are continuing to look to Las Vegas. That move appears more likely with every passing day.

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