Colorado Rockies address infield problem with Mike Moustakas

The Colorado Rockies had a major problem on their infield.

Infielder Brendan Rodgers is likely to miss the entire 2023 season as his dislocated left shoulder may need surgery. That injury meant that the Rockies will be shifting Ryan McMahon, their starting third baseman, over to second. While McMahon is more than capable of handling second defensively, this also leaves the Rockies with a hole at third. Warming Bernabel may be their top third base prospect, but he is not ready for the major just yet. Nolan Jones could be the answer, but he may be needed in the outfield as well.

Mike Moustakas gets chance with Colorado Rockies

The Rockies took steps to address that hole in their lineup. According to Thomas Harding from, the Rockies signed Mike Moustakas to a minor league deal. While he is not being considered for second base, his left handed bat and solid defense would fit perfectly.

The question is whether or not Moustakas has anything left offensively. He had completely imploded over the previous two seasons with the Reds, posting a .212/.289/.356 batting line with 13 homers and 24 doubles in his 491 plate appearances in that time frame. However, Moustakas says that he is completely healthy now, that his struggles were due to those injuries to his feet and lower body.

For the Rockies, Moustakas is a gamble worth taking. The Reds are on the hook for all but the league minimum this season, making him the perfect lottery ticket. If he has nothing left, the Rockies can cut bait without any concern. Otherwise, they could have a perfect stopgap for the 2023 season and a possible piece for the trade deadline. You know, if the Rockies finally realize they can trade players when they are out of contention…

The Colorado Rockies have signed Mike Moustakas to a minor league deal. If healthy, he could be a perfect lottery ticket.

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