Finding a home for Gary Sanchez

Several major league teams have questions behind the plate. In theory, this should have opened the door for Gary Sanchez to find a new home.

That has not been the case. Spring training is underway and the games have started. And yet, Sanchez is sitting at home with Opening Day getting closer, waiting for an offer for the upcoming season.

Gary Sanchez waiting for phone to ring

There have been occasional rumours involving Sanchez. The Los Angeles Angels and San Francisco Giants had reportedly been interested in bringing him on board, although nothing has happened on that front. Sanchez would seemingly be a fit for teams such as the Red Sox, Yankees, or Marlins, but nothing occurred there either. The Red Sox signed Jorge Alfaro to a minor league deal while the Yankees and Marlins are staying with their internal candidates.

At this point, Sanchez may have to accept a minor league deal with an invitation to the major league portion of spring training and hope for the best. He has not been an offensive force of late, posting a .195/.287/.394 batting line in his 1089 plate appearances since the start of the 2020 season. While he is still hitting for power with 49 homers in that time frame, his regression offensively is at the point where teams are not willing to meet his price just yet.

It is entirely probable that will change. Teams will have injuries as training camp goes on or they will come to realize that their younger players are not quite ready. When that time comes, Sanchez may finally get the opportunity that he has been waiting for all offseason.

Gary Sanchez is one of the biggest names left in free agency. Despite that stature, the former All Star catcher is still waiting for the phone to ring.

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