Joey Votto has truly bold prediction for Cincinnati Reds

It is Cincinnati Reds star Joey Votto’s world and we’re just living in it.

Votto has become a fan favourite due to his impressive career and ability to connect with the fanbase. A probable Hall of Famer, he is the last star left in Cincinnati, a reminder of the good ol’ days when the Reds were a playoff contender. And yet, since Votto joined social media, his prowess there surpasses everything else.

Cincinnati Reds star Joey Votto best thing on social media

Votto’s hilarity on social media continued on Monday. MLB asking the fans for their boldest predictions for the NL Central was just the opening he needed. Votto responded by claiming that the Reds would be 12-2 on April 15, at which point in time the planet would be visited by aliens. After a five month period where humanity befriends, learns from, and is able to communicate with these extra terrestrials, the Reds go on to sweep the playoffs and win the World Series. As for Votto? He joins the aliens as they go back to their home planet, never to be seen again.

We here at DiF would like a great deal of whatever Votto has been drinking and/or smoking. Or perhaps Votto just spent time with noted alien aficionado Jose Canseco this offseason; after all, he is friends with aliens and Sasquatch. Maybe he has seen the future as well and is ready to learn how to travel through time and space just like the former slugger.

Votto clearly understood the assignment. When asked for a bold prediction, one may as well go as far as possible. While the idea that aliens will make contact with the planet on April 15 seems far-fetched, that is nothing compared to his other prediction. The Reds winning the World Series would be a shock that only Pete Rose foresaw.

Joey Votto may have the best bold prediction for the 2023 season. A combination of aliens and the Cincinnati Reds winning the World Series? Perfection.

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