Willson Contreras in no-win situation comparing St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs

It has not taken long for new St. Louis Cardinals catcher Willson Contreras to insert himself into the rivalry with the Chicago Cubs.

Contreras was asked to compare the Cardinals and Cubs organizations now that he has begun his first spring training with St. Louis. He gave Cardinals fans exactly what they wanted to hear, saying that he feels like he is part of a better organization.

It is difficult to compare the two organizations at this point. Contreras was a part of the Cubs organization for over 13 years, signing as a 16 year old amateur free agent during the 2009-10 signing period. Conversely, he has been a part of the Cardinals organization for approximately two and a half months at this point.

But that is not going to stop Contreras from receiving those sorts of questions. The Cardinals and Cubs are noted rivals, with the fanbases looking for any reason to claim an advantage. By putting Contreras in a no-win situation, Cardinals fans can have another reason to feel a sense of superiority.

In the end, what was Contreras supposed to say? While he could have taken the non-controversial route and said that he had not been there long enough, he knew the answer that they were looking for. In saying that the Cardinals feel like a better organization, he could slide right into the good graces of the fanbase.

At the same time, one has to wonder what type of a reception he will receive on May 8 when the Cardinals head to Chicago. Cubs fans may well appreciate what he meant to the franchise during his time there, but his comments will receive plenty of scrutiny once again as that date gets closer. Contreras may not get the warm welcome he may be expected.

Willson Contreras was asked to compare the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs organizations. It was a no-win situation.

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