Oakland A’s intentions becoming all the more apparent

The Oakland A’s have been going out of their way to play both sides of the stadium coin.

They have publicly claimed that the Howard Terminal project, and staying in Oakland, is their primary choice. At the same time, the A’s have been courting Las Vegas, the landing spot seemingly preferred by Major League Baseball. Las Vegas would theoretically mean more revenue, but the A’s also have a loyal fanbase already in Oakland. Or at least they do when ownership isn’t slashing payroll to increase their bank account balance while doubling ticket prices.

But now, the A’s appear to be making their intentions clear. According to KNTV.com, the A’s have formed formed a lobbying group in Nevada ahead of the 2023 legislative session. Called the “Athletics Investment Group,” and with team president Dave Kaval listed as one of the members.

Time would seemingly be of the essence if the A’s are going to make a move. While the Howard Terminal Project continues to slowly move along, their lease on the Coliseum expires in 2024. Likewise, the Nevada legislature likely will not reconvene until 2025 after this year, limiting the A’s timeframe to lock in public funds for a new ballpark.

As it is, the A’s have continued to look at locations in and around Las Vegas for a new ballpark. General inaction and a change in mayor have slowed the project in Oakland. With commissioner Rob Manfred seemingly pushing the A’s out the door, this move could happen sooner than later. It is a matter of which location will step up to the plate first and give the team what they are looking for.

The Oakland A’s need a new ballpark and they need one soon. Considering their move to create a lobbying group in Nevada, that move to Las Vegas seems far more likely now.

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