Manny Machado, the San Diego Padres, and the price of eggs

Inflation is impacting everyone these days. That is even the case with Manny Machado and the San Diego Padres.

It is no secret that Machado is planning on opting out of his ten year, $300 million contract with the Padres. This decision makes sense in a purely financial sense; while he will be leaving five years and $160 million on the table, Machado will be turning 31 years old this season and should receive quite the lucrative deal. His desired contract for at least ten years should become a reality.

Everything would be fine if Machado admitted that maximizing his paycheck was his motivation for opting out. There would be a section of the fanbase that would grumble about greed and his not being a “team player,” but this is also the same group that feels free agency is a mistake and remember the days when nine balls were required for a walk. Times change.

Instead, Machado created a bizarre reason to justify his decision to explore the market. He noted how much the market has changed, pointing to the price of eggs as one of his reasons.

Machado has earned over $142 million during his career, not including the $32 million he is due this season. He is certainly not hurting financially. If Machado is truly worried about the price of eggs, he has more than enough in the bank to purchase multiple farms and get his eggs that way.

Although these comments may have been a joke, and a way to commiserate with fans, they fall flat. No one is going to shed a tear over a multi-millionaire complaining about the price of eggs when the working class is living paycheck to paycheck. It was an ill-advised comment, something else that people can twist to fit their narrative about Machado and his attitude.

This decision may not change much for the Padres. The team is discussing an extension with Machado’s representatives despite his deadline of February 16 having passed. There is plenty of time for a deal to be done. It may simply be a matter of how many eggs he is able to get in his new contract.

Manny Machado is using the price of eggs to justify opting out of his contract with the San Diego Padres. It really is a laughable excuse.

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